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Travel Money Pouch

When you’re traveling overseas, the last thing you want is to be pickpocketed (more on that later!). To avoid this situation during our time abroad, we knew we’d need a good piece of gear to securely hold money, credit cards, passports, and other valuables. Enter the travel money pouch, a convenient way to keep all your critical travel items safe. After a lot of research, we confirmed that the Lewis N. Clark Travel Neck Pouch is the best option. 


Why Trust Our Travel Money Pouch Recommendation?


As with a lot of the lessons we learned traveling overseas, we (Chipp, to be precise) learned the importance of having a secure money pouch the hard way… 


Years ago, Chipp was backpacking through Europe and ended up in Athens. After a somewhat late night (and dealing with the associated hangover!) Chipp found himself in an Athens metro station. Not wanting anything to do with the world, he failed to properly pay attention to his surroundings, which, in retrospect, made him an easy mark. 


As the subway door opened, a group of guys surrounded him and started yelling. Reference the previous statement on the hangover, and all Chipp wanted was quiet. So, not recognizing this organized chaos for what it was (i.e. a clever distraction), Chipp put his head down and pushed his way onto the train. Right before the doors closed, the group of obnoxiously loud guys jumped off the train. Without even needing to check his pocket, it dawned on Chipp what had happened - he’d just been pickpocketed. 


Losing cash, credit and debit cards, and your ID overseas is no fun. Fortunately, Chipp’s passport hadn’t been snagged, and a fellow traveler helped out with cash, but it was still an awful situation. Fast forward years later, and we intimately understood the importance of protecting our travel essentials. A solid travel money pouch plays a key role in that protection. 


Why We Love the Lewis N. Clark Travel Neck Pouch

Wearing a travel money pouch in Istanbul

Best Features


  • Sturdy neck strap and slim design allow for comfortable over- or under-shirt wear: Some people argue travel money belts offer the best protection. Maybe, but these don’t offer a lot of flexibility. The Lewis N. Clark neck pouch, on the other hand, provides a sturdy strap that lets you comfortably - and securely - wear it either under or over your shirt, depending on the unique situation and risks.  


  • Keeps valuables out of frequently targeted pockets and purses: Pickpocketers are not dumb. They know exactly what pockets to target when going after a wallet. With this neck pouch, you remove your travel essentials from those frequently targeted pockets, instead keeping them tight to your core. For girls who like carrying a purse, the neck pouch also provides a convenient, low-profile alternative. You can still carry key travel items around your neck, but the pouch is slim enough that it can be kept tight to your core or, in particularly risky areas, safely hidden under your shirt. 


  • RFID blocking material keeps credit cards safe: Travel-related theft has also evolved. While pickpocketers remain a threat, you now have to worry about people stealing your credit and debit card data via RFID skimming. A quick bump into someone, and next thing you know, that person has stolen all of your credit card information. The Lewis N. Clark pouch’s RFID blocking material ensures that you won’t fall victim to skimming. 


  • Multiple compartments conveniently hold passports, documents, and money: In addition to providing a secure way to carry travel essentials, this pouch’s four compartments help keep you organized. Rather than dump everything into a single bag, you can separate items into individual compartments. We used the largest pocket to hold passports and other travel documents - items we wanted safe but didn’t need to regularly access. In the smaller zipper pockets, we’d keep a credit and debit card - securely zipped and behind the protective RFID barrier. Finally, in the outermost pocket, we’d keep daily spending cash - easy to access but still tucked tight to your core.  

Manufacturer’s Specs


Here’s a full list of the travel money pouch’s features published by Lewis N. Clark: 


  • Four separate compartments

  • ID window and adjustable strap

  • Hook and loop fastener

  • TravelDry® fabric wicks away moisture

  • Fabric also resists shrinking, odors, and mildew

  • Spot clean only - do not submerge in sink or washing machine

  • 7.5in x 5.5in


Story from the Road


We’d be lying if we said Chipp wasn’t jokingly mocked by friends and family for wearing a “murse” overseas. Yep, it definitely falls outside the realm of his standard (lack of?) style. But, after a year on the road - and time spent in Europe, Africa, and Asia - we never got pickpocketed! 


So, as the saying (kind of) goes, the end justifies the means!


However, despite the security provided by this money pouch, we need to emphasize that no single item is a panacea against travel-related crime. Yes, securing key items in our Lewis N. Clark gear helped a ton. But, you still need to exercise basic travel precautions (e.g. maintain situational awareness, don’t wear flashy jewelry, etc.). While we wrote this blog post about walking through Cape Town, the general travel safety recommendations apply anywhere.  


Affiliate Disclosure


We’ve included affiliate links on this page. If you click on a link and end up buying something, we may receive a commission (without adding any costs to you). This helps us pay the bills, and we only promote products and services that we personally use and wholeheartedly endorse. Thanks so much for the support!


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